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Why become our partner?


Continuous adaptation to fluctuations in the market is an inevitable condition of competitiveness. With the help of new techniques, tools and knowledge, we successfully respond to all market challenges.


With the help of a well-designed logistics system as well as high-quality storage and logistics equipment, our company has maintained competitiveness for many years. Today, modern storage and transport systems are one of the basic indicators of the economy of a trading company.


Our company operates in accordance with the most modern standards and thereby ensures the desired characteristics of services, such as quality, positive impact on the living environment, safety, trust and efficiency.


The most expensive thing is what cannot be bought – consumer trust. The basic goal of our company is a good relationship with consumers, and the result is mutual satisfaction and trust.

Are you a brand looking for a reliable distributor to help you grow?

We are socially responsible

Management statement and commitment to social responsibility

We have been around since 1996. We have focused all our efforts on providing you with the best and simplest life possible. As a distribution company, together with our suppliers and customers, we have been providing the end consumer with access to a large number of brands for 25 years. We believe in the quality of the products we distribute, which is why we position them accordingly, both in the mind of the consumer and on the shelves, as premium brands. We combine perspective and educated people of all generations into an excellent team, who strive to provide the end consumer with a quality and easy purchase with their clear vision and goals.

Management's commitment to social responsibility

We understand social responsibility as caring for society and the natural environment.


Every year we try to recycle more secondary raw materials.


Together with our partners, we cooperate with the Red Cross of Slovenia every year in their “Let’s take them to the sea” activity.


Lomas d.o.o.

Kardeljeva ploščad 11a
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 1 568 00 00
Fax.: +386 1 568 00 01

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The company Lomas d.o.o. obtained co-financing of eligible costs – Voucher for obtaining certificates (ISO 9001) and REACT EU » Voucher for preparation of a digital strategy and Incentive for the digital transformation MSP (P4D ReactEU).
The investment to obtain the certificate is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund (SDF)