About us

Our company was established in 1996 as a team of young, educated people with a clear vision and goals they want to achieve in the future. Hard work, dedication and professional approach very quickly Lomas became a player worthy of respect in its, extremely dynamic, business area. In a relatively short period of time we have evolved from a small family company into a medium-sized company with a wide assortment and range of services we perform on a daily basis with our team. Business expansion, new brands, and continuous improvement of the quality of our work has required more and more highly motivated employees. We increased the number of employees from the initial 5 in 1996 to over 60 in 2014; more than half of them daily work in sales. Some of them are visiting outlets and taking care of stock, layout and positioning of our products in the outlets, while others take care of the good relationships with key customers and carefully preparing tactics and strategies with a view to the highest possible customer and consumers satisfaction.

We are very sales-oriented company, but we also provide advanced logistics services and our professional administrative services ensure a high level of after-sales service. We achieve a very high growth rate of sales revenue, since they are in a period of operations of our company, on average, over 20% annually.

Commitment to precise demands has brought remarkable results worthy of respect and attention of competitors. The principles of business and mission, set at the very beggining, are still living today.

The mission of our organization is to promote teamwork and innovation, customization of services according to the individual needs of our partners and customers. The basic principle of our company's long-term cooperation which is implemented by people and positive approach. The added value of our services is based on the synergy and the development of three key segments - sales, logistics and management of financial risks.

Some interesting facts about our company

So far,

33 2.jpg

children were born in Lomas

1.000.000 5.jpg

meters of wrapping foil for pallets we use in one year

20% 4.jpg

average sales growth

average usage of o.b. tampons

ob-onas.png 7.784.000







was sold in 2020

which means

5.344.155 kafa.png

On 2020 we sold




Palmolive shower gels are used yearly

transport.jpg 30.000

pallets of goods are delivered yearly


Labels we paste on our products yearly


pieces of mouthrinse Listerin we sold in 2020


Varta batteries is used yearly


For shiny and healthy teeth

1.000.000 colgate1.jpg

Colgate toothpastes are squeezed on toothbrushes

In one year

colgate2.jpg 300.000

Colgate toothbrushes are sold

palmolive1.jpg 400.000

liquid hand soaps Palmolive are used in one year


bottles of


AJAX are used for cleaning the floor.