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Our company was founded in 1996 as a team of young, educated people with a clear vision and goals. With hard work, professional approach and dedication, Lomas d.o.o. very quickly became a player worthy of respect in his extremely dynamic field of business. In a relatively short time, we have developed from a small family business to a medium-sized company with a wide assortment and a range of different services that we perform daily with our team. Business expansion, new brands and constant improvement of the quality of our work required more and more highly motivated employees. We increased the number of employees from the initial 5 in 1996 to over 60 in 2014. More than half of the employees work in sales on a daily basis; some of them visit sales points and take care of the stocking, arrangement and positioning of our products at the points of sale, while the rest take care of good relations with key customers and carefully prepare tactics and strategies with the aim of the highest possible customer satisfaction or consumers. Otherwise, we are a very sales-oriented company, but we also provide sophisticated logistics services and provide a high level of after-sales services with our professional administrative services. We achieve very high rates of growth in sales revenues, as they average over 20% annually during the period of our company’s operations. Dedication to precisely defined requirements has yielded exceptional results worthy of the respect and attention of competitors. From the very beginning, the business principles and the mission are still alive today.

The mission of our organization is to promote teamwork and innovation, adapting our services to the individual needs of our partners and customers. The basic principle of our company is long-term cooperation, which is realized with the help of people and a positive approach. The added value of our services lies in the synergy and development of three key segments – sales, logistics and financial risk management.

Lomas d.o.o.

Kardeljeva ploščad 11a
1000 Ljubljana
Tel.: +386 1 568 00 00
Fax.: +386 1 568 00 01

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The company Lomas d.o.o. obtained co-financing of eligible costs – Voucher for obtaining certificates (ISO 9001) and REACT EU » Voucher for preparation of a digital strategy and Incentive for the digital transformation MSP (P4D ReactEU).
The investment to obtain the certificate is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Social Fund (SDF)