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Our passion for entrepreneurship runs in the family.

For companies to be able to act decisively and effectively at all times, they need a solid foundation. And at delta pronatura that’s the family. With Heiner Beckmann and Gerhard Krauss at the helm, we are currently in the hands of the third generation of owners. This ensures stability and efficiency in the way the company is run.

Because we are completely independent, we have plenty of scope for longterm planning. Plus our decision-making paths are short and our business processes are refreshingly uncomplicated. All this forms an excellent starting point for us to thrive and grow as a medium-sized, family-owned business going forward.

We owe our success first and foremost to our staff, who go about their work with expertise, commitment and a great sense of responsibility. Their strengths and their loyalty – impressively demonstrated by our well-below-average staff turnover rate – form the cornerstone of our business.

Success based on passion


Based in Egelsbach, at home right across the world.

We have built up a strong position in our home market. Besides Germany, our key countries are Austria, Switzerland, UK, Poland, China and USA. We also have a strong market position there thanks to the sterling work of our subsidiaries, participations and joint ventures.

By being close to our trading partners and customers we can respond faster and better to each market‘s special wants and needs. All in all, today delta pronatura has a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide - from Australia to Japan and from Cyprus to Singapore.


Dr. Beckmann

Dr. Beckmann has built up a reputation across Europe as an expert in special textile and household cleaners. Having first appeared as an umbrella brand in its current design in 1992, Dr. Beckmann has gone on to take Europe by storm and is now found in almost every household.


The traditional pharmaceutical Bullrich Salz is one of the oldest German branded products and everyone’s favourite household remedy for heartburn. Today the umbrella brand Bullrich comprises a range of products for balancing, regenerating and strengthening the body.


Blistex offers everything consumers expect from a modern, highly effective lip care range: from classic lip balm for chapped lips to the new Happy Lips sub-range.


Bi-Oil is a special skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation is also effective on mature and dry skin.

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