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Today, SKYN® is the most dynamically growing sexual wellness brand. Present in 64 countries across the globe with the world's Nr.1 selling non latex condom, the brand continues to hit market share records in the key territories. With a quickly expanding portfolio in the larger sexual wellness arena, prom personal lubricants to sex toys, intimate hygiene and male performance enhancement products.


Our story started in 2008, when SKYN® launched in the US its first condom, made of a revolutionary material and patented technology.

After 100 years of latex hegemony, where the only “innovation” was making the condoms thinner, our condoms disrupted the market. Since then, all our condoms are made with SKYNFEEL™, our technologically advanced polyisoprene material.

Completely free from natural rubber latex, ultra-soft and thin, SKYN® condoms are barely noticeable and give a truly intimate sexual experience. In short, they enable you to really feel everything.

SKYN® condoms became an instant success, and over the years the brand grew into a global player in and beyond the condom category.

Thanks to the extremely positive consumer reaction, we have experienced double digit growth each year in this first decade of life for the brand.


This intense growth is result of a coherent and global brand building, constant portfolio expansion and distribution build, over time.

Brand & material that makes the difference

SKYNFEEL™ benefits:

  • Sensational sensitivity (unique formulation makes it feel almost as if you were wearing nothing)
  • Soft & delicate material (makes it feel like skin)
  • Safety first (the same reassuring strength as tandard thickness latex condoms)

*Millward Brown survey conducted online in February 2011 among a sample of 244 men and women aged 16-50 years, SKYN® trialists

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