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Sodalco was founded at the end of the '60s as a Company specialised in the marketing and sale of consumer products for the Mass Market. After starting out with distribution agreements for prestigious brands of foreign Companies, in over 40 years of history Sodalco has launched its own brands, building success with a creative marketing approach and recognising products with high potential for the Italian Mass Market. Today, Sodalco is one of the few independent entities operating on the Italian Mass Market with leading brands in personal and domestic hygiene.

Since 2006, Sodalco, along with Conter, Brelil and Biopoint, has been part of the Italian Sodalis Group, which has given a new injection of life to the Company and its growth. The Company still pursues its distribution agreements and customer service with important multinational Companies: S.C.A. Hygiene Products for Nuvenia, Tena, Up&Go, Demak’up, Tempo; Ansell Ltd, for Primex and Akuel condoms, and Ansell gloves; Cederroth AB for Salvelox plasters. Sodalco S.r.l. is headquartered in viale Europa 12, Lodi Vecchio (LO), with the logistics warehouse in Borgo San Giovanni (LO).


To research consumer well being in the area of domestic and personal hygiene.


To offer the best solutions for domestic and personal hygiene while paying special attention to innovation, in order to make life easier for consumers.

Sodalco S.r.l is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for “Design, marketing, production and distribution of health, beauty, personal hygiene and household cleaning products.”

Sodalco complies with Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines for cosmetics and with the UNI EN SIO 22716:2008 regulation.

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